FCC Updates Broadband Definition

The FCC voted to raise the minimum thresholds needed to meet the definition of broadband. Internet service providers now must provide download speeds of at least 25Mbs and upload speeds of at least 3Mbps to call their services “broadband.” The previous standard was 4Mbps for download speed and 1Mbps for upload speed.

While this sounds pretty innocuous, the new definition may have some interesting consequences.

A little background: In 1996 Congress mandated that the FCC report on whether broadband is being deployed to all Americans in a reasonable and timely fashion, and Congress defined broadband as high-quality capability that allows users to originate and receive high-quality voice, data, graphics, and video.

The first and most obvious consequence of the…

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Bear Market Investment Adviser

Generally speaking, investment advisers are people that are in the business of advising others on the value of, and investment in, securities. Investment advisers are subject to extensive regulation by the Securities Exchange Commission and state regulators.

The investment adviser regulations are designed to make sure that people in the business of advising on securities meet professional competency standards, have adequate capital, and provide adequate...

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Google Loon

Here’s a collection of the most interesting legal and business news we found this week:

Ride Sharing

One of the big issues facing Uber has to do with the fact that auto insurance policies for individual drivers generally don’t cover damages from commercial activity, including ride-sharing through applications like Uber and Lyft. In Colorado, USAA and Farmers are now offering ridesharing...

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Brewery Law

Unfortunately for Washington breweries, the regulations governing when you can give beer away for free are far from clear. We’re continuing our Brewery Law 101 series by highlighting the Washington Liquor Control Board’s regulations governing giving beer away for free.

The LCB regulations prohibit the distribution of beer for free with a few exceptions. The exceptions include:

To Licensed Retailers and Distributors


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Today, we bring good news to any of our readers who are planning on filing for a federal trademark. The United States Patent and Trademark Office (“USPTO”) recently announced that it will be reducing trademark application fees and also will be adding a new type of trademark application.

Why were trademark application fees reduced and when will the new fees...

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Early Neutral Evaluation

We continue our Alternative Dispute Resolution Series with a discussion of Early Neutral Evaluation. Early Neutral Evaluation (ENE), also known as “Neutral Case Evaluation” and “Case Evaluation,” is when one or both parties use a third-party neutral to evaluate the strength of their case, generally early in the life of the dispute. Just as with arbitration and mediation, there...

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Tenant Improvement Allowance- Yellow Poles

Tenant improvement allowances are often one of the most important issues for a new tenant when finding and negotiating a commercial lease, especially when the tenant is a start-up. In basic terms, the tenant improvement allowance is the amount of capital the landlord is willing to put into the space for the specific requirements of the tenant’s particular use...

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USPTO seal

There are a variety of reasons why you may want to transfer ownership of your federally registered trademark (or acquire ownership of a trademark). For example, trademarks may need to be assigned during a business acquisition or as part of a reorganization. Today’s post discusses how to transfer ownership of trademarks and why you should ensure you transfer your...

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Brewery Law

Once you’ve chosen the right entity for your brewery or distillery, you’ll need to draft some key contracts governing your business entity. Today, we will continue our Brewery Law 101 series by discussing operating agreements. As we discussed in our post on brewery entities, an LLC likely is the right choice of entity for your brewery or distillery. So we...

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Shareholder Inspection Rights

Becoming a shareholder in a Washington corporation comes with certain statutory rights, including the right to inspect the company’s records. These shareholder inspection rights may not be included in the company’s articles or bylaws, and many shareholders are not aware the shareholder inspection rights exist. But it can be very important to understand what documents you have a right...

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